The Humming Birds Are Back…..

It’s my favorite time of the year, when the humming birds return from Brazil for a summer of supping nectar – or the nearest we can get – in upper New York State. A depressing question, though: how long before Trump’s climate policies kill them off?

3 responses to “The Humming Birds Are Back…..

  1. Ed. always with the negative waves!. Its summer, life’s good, we’ve survived another winter. It’ll be 2040 or later before the water gets to around our ankles, and I’ll prob. be horizontal by then anyway. Life long brother.

    • Tranlation: let’s forget a madman is in the White House and in a fit of pique could begin a nuclear holocaust….and even if he doesn’t, will destroy the world with his climate policies. Let’s just enjoy the sun!

  2. What magical, beautiful creatures they are. Neo-liberal capitalism is now a war against life.

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