A Bad Result For The Guardian’s Blairites…..

O joy! Oh bliss! It’s not just that Corbyn has shown how useless and out of touch are the bulk of the UK’s journalists – just like their American counterparts were last November – but in particular that the worst of the worst, exposed as frauds, are the bunch of Blairites masquerading as reporters in Britain’s allegedly most left-wing, intellectual journal, The Guardian.

Here is Marina Hyde, Queen of the Grauniad’s Blairites in her column yesterday, as people were still voting. The crime is, she’ll still be in a job tomorrow. How much do these people get paid? :

Whatever the result (and for what sub-minuscule amount it is worth, I suspect it’ll be an eye-wateringly big win for the Tories)………

This is not journalism. It is a wishful, anti-Corbyn neurosis pretending to be journalism. I’m over here in the U.S., 3,000 miles away, and even I could see she was going to be wrong!

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