ISIS Wants Theresa May To Win U.K. Election…..

That is the only rational explanation for last night’s violent incidents in London, following on as they did, from the Manchester bombing. Just like the IRA did with Thatcher, ISIS is calculating that a right-wing Tory government in London, responding to violence with its own violence, can only play into its hands, vindicating the view that the British government – and by extension its Western allies – is the enemy of Islam.

The worst result in the British general election for ISIS would be a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, who would, if he keeps his word, address the political roots of the instability in the Middle East that has spawned groups like ISIS.

The best result for Islamic extremism would be a victory for May’s Tories, who would continue the disasterous approach of predecessors like David Cameron whose militaristic policy in Libya led directly to the recent Manchester bombing,

In this context ISIS’ staged events in London last night, designed to drive voters into May’s anti-Islamic, law and order camp, made perfect sense.


4 responses to “ISIS Wants Theresa May To Win U.K. Election…..

  1. Right on. Conservative post-colonial militarism will only add to the troubles being fomented in the Middle East. We need Corbyn to begin the process of healing wounds, not starting another cycle of carnage.

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  3. William Smith

    It would have been rather hard for Mr Corbyn to address problems surrounding groups like ISIS given he was their number 1 fan in Britain, you verminous moronic twat.

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