A Further Thought On FBI Noraid Files 5 & 6

I have just realised that the Noraid informer T1 who accompanied a Noraid delegation on a trip to Ireland in August 1985, may not be the same T1 who talked to the FBI about Martin Galvin’s reception in New York after his tumultous and, for Sean Downes, fatal trip to Belfast in August 1994.

The August 1985 T1 is actually called ‘DE T1’ in the FBI document, whereas the T1 who passed on information about Galvin is officially described elsewhere in the document as ‘NY T1’.

This suggests that while ‘NY T1’ was indeed from New York, ‘DE T1’ may have been from another city, possibly Detroit where there was a Noraid Chapter.

This also suggests that the FBI infiltration of Noraid was greater tha I initially thought.

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