Does Trump Have A Nixon-style Taping System In The White House?

That is the obvious question arising from Trump’s tweet this morning warning sacked FBI director James Comey that he ‘better hope there are no “tapes” of our conversations’ before leaking to the media.

Of course it is just as likely this is a another sign of desperation on the part of the increasingly beleaguered president. But who knows? Maybe there is a taping system in place and if so, maybe there are recordings of some intriguing conversations with people like his sacked national security adviser Michael Flynn?

Someone should at least ask.

2 responses to “Does Trump Have A Nixon-style Taping System In The White House?

  1. Think it was standard practice before and after Nixon. Mark Bowden has talked about how he interviewed Obama in the oval office for his book on the killing of Bin Laden and was saved by the president’s recording system when his own recording malfunctioned.

    Would be very surprised if Trump departed from the precedent. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of his more interesting recordings went the way of Nixon’s missing 18 minutes though.

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