Freddie Scappaticci on Martin McGuinness – Part 1

(Parts 2 and 3, including a full 30 minute recording of Scappaticci are also on this site)

This is part of the covert recording of Freddie Scappaticci, aka Steaknife, talking to producers from the Cook Report in 1993. The recording was made in a car parked in the grounds of the Culloden Hotel, outside Hollywood, Co Down. Makes for interesting listening.

A note on the codename ‘Steaknife’. The Force Research Unit source, known as ‘Martin Ingram’, who revealed Scappaticci’s role in the IRA was enjoined by a Ministry of Defence court injunction from publicising material concerning ‘Steaknife’. To get round the injunction he changed the name to ‘Stakeknife’ and most in the media went along with the fiction.

Enjoy the tape:

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