Another Photo Quiz……

Who is this at the side of the road?

Bonus question: who put him there?

7 responses to “Another Photo Quiz……

  1. Think I remember the picture. It’s an IRA victim right on the border. Can’t remember who though

  2. It’s Frank Hegarty. He was lured back to Derry, allegedly by McGuinness, who allegedly used Hegarty’s mother as a communicative conduit. Hegarty was promptly shot head and dumped on the border.

  3. In the annals or armed republican history, I think this event is almost uniquely evil – to make a mother unwittingly complicit in the killing of her son.

    Was anyone ever arrested/charged/questioned?

    • Hi wr79. Grateful for your observation which is right on the money. According to the late Liam Clarke’s biography of McGuinness the RUC were about to charge him when the British govt intervened to stop them, citing the impending IRA ceasefire as a reason to stay their hand. Despite the recent number of PSNI moves against republicans of the same vintage, e.g. The Boston College cases, and demands from Unionists that these should be intensified, no effort, to my knowledge, has been made to re-open the Hegarty case. I wrote about the McGuinness-Hegarty case in ‘A Secret History of the IRA’, in particular the background inside the IRA. Hegarty had been thrown out of the IRA in Derry when it was discovered he was having a fling with a UDR man’s wife. He was open to blackmail. When he absconded after an arms dump was discovered by the Gardai, it was discovered that McGuinness had allowed him back in. Internal, Army Council-level suspicion about McGuinness’ motives took the form of a bitter row between McGuinness and the then IRA Chief of Staff, Kevin McKenna. So, when McGuinness lured Hegarty back to Derry, and his death, he was fighting for his IRA career and possibly even his life.

  4. Thanks for the info – I think I read about this case in your book, but it was some years ago.

    I was wondering if the “Nutting Squad” would have been involved, in the form of Scappatticci? If not, why not?

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