Does Melania Hate Donald?

Make up your own mind:

2 responses to “Does Melania Hate Donald?

  1. Really? Isn’t this tabloid rubbish? Who cares if his wife hates President Pussygrabber?

    • maybe. but it’s fun. and it’s good to hit back at the bastard……and seriously, it does give an insight into his character. there is one video from the inauguration, for instance, when he turns round to speak to her and she is all smiles in expectation of him saying something nice. but when he finishes and he turns round look at her face. she is stricken and hurt. he must have said something terribly hurtful. i really felt for her, married to that man…….so, on that alone, it is worth seeing this stuff. what he does to her, he’ll soon be doing to many, many others. Two final points. Most of my readers are in Ireland and may not be aware of this story, which is getting a lot of publicity in the US. And finally, the big question: does Donald physically abuse Melania? I wouldn’t be surprised if he does; it fits with his character. And that’s an issue of public interest.

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