Donald Trump’s Shady Russian Connections

Notwithstanding the ongoing controversy over whether or not Russia hacked the Democratic Party to assist Donald Trump’s passage to the White House, and notwithstanding the fact that the CIA’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s non-existent WMD’s robbed that agency almost entirely of credibility in such politically sensitive matters, there is no doubt that Donald Trump has some unsavory business associations in Russia which would give the Putin regime many reasons to do what the CIA et al have accused him of.

In this lengthy, not to say scholarly piece of research by James Henry published in ‘The American Interest’ – with a foreword from that skilled Trump student, David Cay Johnston – Trump’s disagreeable associations with the Russian oligarchy, a class that owes its wealth and freedom to Putin, are minutely charted and described.

As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on who hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails but not on Trump’s repellant relationship with Russia’s ruling class.

Published on: December 19, 2016
Russia & The West
The Curious World of Donald Trump’s Private Russian Connections

Did the American people really know they were putting such a “well-connected” guy in the White House?

James S. Henry, Esq. is an investigative economist and lawyer who has written widely about offshore and onshore tax havens, kleptocracy, and pirate banking. He is the author of The Blood Bankers (Basic Books, 2003,2005), a classic investigation of where the money went that was loaned to key debtor countries in the 1970s-1990s. He is a senior fellow at the Columbia University’s Center on Sustainable Investment, a Global Justice Fellow at Yale, a senior advisor at the Tax Justice Network, and a member of the New York Bar. He has pursued frontline investigations of odious debt, flight capital, and corruption in more than fifty developing countries, including Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Argentina, Venezuela, and Panama.

2 responses to “Donald Trump’s Shady Russian Connections

  1. There are no non-shady Russian Connections. Either you do business with Shady or you don’t do business in Russia.

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