The Lunacy And Lunatics In Trump’s Asylum

The list of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks gets closer to your worst ever nightmare with each day that passes.

Today’s choices were Alabama senator, Jeff Sessions, who is so racist that his own Republican colleagues in the US Senate refused to make him a judge but who now becomes Trump’s Attorney-General; the utterly terrifying Congressman Mike Pompeo, as head of the CIA, who is to the right of Attila the Hun on any issue you care to mention, from climate change to abortion rights and who is so far up the rear end of the Koch Brothers that he hasn’t seen sunlight in years; and retired Lt Gen Mike Flynn, sacked for incompetence as head of the Defence Intelligence Agency by Obama, who believes Islam is a political ideology not a religion; he becomes Trump’s National Security Adviser, so help me God! (Note to Sinn Fein – he is Irish-American, so get in there lads!)

Before that, the pick that has caused most consternation and dismay was of Steve Bannon, the former head of the white racist, alt.right web magazine Breitbart News, who was Trump’s campaign manager and now becomes his chief strategist and senior counsellor in the White House. Bannon is viewed by many as a neo-Nazi and anti-semite who also manages to be a staunch supporter of the right-wing Israeli Likud party. Under his leadership Breitbart established an office symbolically situated in Jerusalem, not Tel-Aviv.

And that’s all before jobs are found for the odious Rudy Giuliani, the horrifying John Bolton and, rumour has it, the uniquely alarming Ted Cruz. By the time Trump is finished the George W Bush/Dick Cheney administration will seem like a blissful day at the seaside!

Meanwhile the transition process from Obama’s White House to Trump’s has become a cross between a really bad soap opera and a reality show in which the director, camera operators and participants have all lost the script.

Have a look at this video and you’ll get an idea of the lunacy that has engulfed America since November 9th. And there are four more years of this to come.

One response to “The Lunacy And Lunatics In Trump’s Asylum

  1. If somebody had told me America would one day elect a President who would make George W Bush look like a dangerous intellectual I would laughed and told them to calm down. Oh dear….

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