The Saddest Face After Hillary’s Rout…

Huma Abedin, former wife of Anthony Wiener, whose email traffic with her former spouse gave the FBI an excuse/reason to re-open Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal. Pictured here at Hillary’s concession speech:


3 responses to “The Saddest Face After Hillary’s Rout…

  1. The FBI should never have opened this case. it was a flagrant interference in the electoral process. Why no investigation into Trump’s alleged rape of a 13 year old girl in 1994? Thanks Julian Asshole for doing Putin’s and Trump’s bidding. The Ecuadorian Embassy must really stink now.

  2. From the little I have bothered to read about Hillary Clinton it was her connections to organisations like Goldman Sachs and the money she recieved from them for after dinner speaches that turned people against her.
    That and the way that Bernie Sanders was sidelined and undermined by a Democratic Party determined to elect a woman president.
    When I look at the way the UK Labour party elite tried to rid themselves of the Blessed Jeremy and replace him with the likes of Smith I am reminded of Clinton vs Sanders.

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