‘Gerry Adams to take legal action over BBC Donaldson claims’ – Irish Times Headline

Opening day of hearing.

Gerry Adams enters the witness box and takes the oath,

Counsel for the BBC: ‘You have been a member and leader of the Provisional IRA most of your adult life, haven’t you Mr Adams?’

Gerry Adams – ‘No!’

Counsel for the BBC – ‘I submit that is a lie Mr Adams. You are lying about the very essence of your life story, aren’t you? I suggest that the jury cannot believe a word you say about your past life, about the IRA or indeed anything you say about Mr Donaldson.’

Gerry Adams – ‘No, I’m not lying, that’s not true’.

Cue sound of Paddy McGrory turning in his grave.

And so on, and so on.

And this is really going to happen?

They could sell tickets for this one……..

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