Coverage Of MI5 At Kincora Probe A Disgrace

Last week a senior officer at MI5, the British domestic spy agency said to be up to its armpits in Northern Ireland’s dirty war against the IRA, gave evidence to the so-called Kincora inquiry about well-sourced allegations that his agency exploited the scandal to recruit sources in the Loyalist political and paramilitary underworld.

The MI5 man, said to be a deputy director, gave evidence via a video link for four hours. Four hours!

The Belfast Telegraph devoted six paragraphs to the story.

And this is called journalism?

MI5 did not exploit or cover up Kincora, top agent tells probe

By Lesley-Anne McKeown

Published 02/07/2016

The former Kincora Boys' Home on the Upper Newtonards Road, Belfast
The former Kincora Boys’ Home on the Upper Newtonards Road, Belfast

A high-ranking MI5 officer has rejected claims that child abuse at an infamous Belfast boys’ home was used as part of an intelligence operation.

 The deputy director, known only as 9004, said the UK security service only became aware of abuse at Kincora in 1980, when allegations broke in the media.

“I can certainly deny that we were ever involved in an operation to exploit abuse that was taking place at Kincora for intelligence purposes,” he added.

He gave evidence via videolink to the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, which is examining allegations that a paedophile ring preyed on young boys at the former east Belfast home during the 1970s.

In evidence lasting some four hours, 9004 also denied MI5 tried to stifle a police investigation into Kincora in the 1980s.

Three care staff, Joseph Mains, Raymond Semple and William McGrath, were in 1980 convicted of abusing boys at the home.

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