Things We Have Learned From Euro 16

1. England are shit and always were, always will be;

2. ‘Woy’ is a wanker;

3; Wilshire is a useless Arsenal thug;

4. I could be a football manager;

5. Ciaran O’Connor is whistling up his arse about Jimmy Greaves!

6. Bale was worth more than 100 million whatevers!

7 responses to “Things We Have Learned From Euro 16

  1. That’s great Ed, well done!
    Just a note, Jack Wilshere would be well known (to anyone who takes a second to check) for giving plenty of time and money to help kids in Great Ormonde Street Hospital. Useless he may be, Arsenal he certainly is, thug is probably unfair.


  2. Good to see you’re still Gung Ho about England Ed 😉


  3. Wales could end up winning the whole damn thing. What would they do for stadia if they had to host it ? I wish.

  4. 7. Don’t put millionaire shampoo models in a football team.

  5. Derrick

    Christ the Eurovision has a lot to answer for if the winners get to host the next Euro.

  6. Northern Ireland may not now have to find any stadia. But then all is still possible. Wish them well lads.

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