John Boutcher Should Watch This Movie Before He Probes ‘Steaknife’

The PSNI has announced that the Chief Constable of the Bedfordshire police force, John Boutcher will investigate former IRA Internal Security Unit chief, Freddie Scappaticci’s role as a British Army agent and whether the many killings he committed, sanctioned or arranged of alleged informers had the approval, knowledge or foreknowledge of his security force handlers.

John Boutcher

John Boutcher

Before he undertakes this task, he would be well advised to watch this graphic and accurate re-enactment of the ill-fated Stalker inquiry and bear in mind that what John Stalker was prevented from uncovering was child’s play compared to the ‘Steaknife’ scandal.

(The media call him ‘Stakeknife’ but that is inaccurate. The whistleblower who revealed his identity was forced by court order no longer to use his proper name, ‘Steaknife’ and so to circumvent the ban, he devised ‘Stakeknife’ as an alternative that could not be banned by the courts. I think it’s time we all reverted to ‘Steaknife’.)

This guy may also be able to help:

One response to “John Boutcher Should Watch This Movie Before He Probes ‘Steaknife’

  1. Just spent four hours watching ‘Shoot to Kill’ on YouTube.
    Thank you for drawing attention to it as I never knew about it since it was not shown on “this side of the Irish Sea”, as far as I know. Surprised (or maybe not) that RTE appear not to have re-broadcast it.
    Scappaticci should ‘double his money’ on the film rights of “My Nuttin’ Squad” – if he survives long enough.

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