U.S. Networks Collude To Help Hillary Win In California

Chris Matthews hosts a popular political and current affairs show on the cable network, MSNBC, supposedly US TV’s most progressive station. Here he lets a cat out of the bag:

One response to “U.S. Networks Collude To Help Hillary Win In California

  1. Sanders is not a socialist.
    This is not some narrow sectarian criticism of Sanders. It is the issue with regard to Sanders. He has garnered mass support amongst youth and workers because he claims he is a socialist. The phenomenon of the groundswell around Sanders is the American version of the stirrings of the working class around the world.
    In one sense the positions of the media are a given. Though, in my view, the hostility of official opinion to Sanders (and the ‘Left’ elsewhere) has more than one purpose. It perpetuates the relentless age old campaign against socialist political philosophy. But given that Sanders, and the SWP and SP in Ireland for example, are not actually socialists then the ongoing ‘hostlity’ serves another purpose – to deceive workers and youth into supporting these phoney lefts.
    “As Clinton crisis intensfies, Sanders pledges to back Democratic Party nominee”

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