Fr. Daniel Berrigan, RIP, On The H-Blocks Protest

Fr. Daniel Berrigan, the radical Jesuit priest, died at the weekend aged 94. Along with his brother Philip, a Josephite priest he was a leader of the anti-Vietnam war protests in the US in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s who was imprisoned for his part in burning drafts cards. ‘Better than burning babies’, he said at the time.

Fr. Berrigan also took an interest in the Troubles in Northern Ireland and in October 1980, just weeks before the first hunger strike he visited Long Kesh and Armagh jail and wrote about his experience in a Op-ed column for the New York Times.

Daniel Berrigan pictured in the 1970's

Daniel Berrigan pictured in the 1970’s

Here is the article, in two parts. Click to expand (the second extract is an extension of the opening column in the first extract):


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