The Perfect Christmas Gift……..?


With the Christmas festivities well under way on this side of the Atlantic, that estimable and venerable publication, The New York Review Of Books is offering as a gift idea, specially-framed and mounted copies of drawings of famous people that have appeared in its columns over the years.

For $150.00 ( €141.00/£100.00) you can purchase the perfect Christmas present for that special person in your life. The NYRB has an archive of over 4,000 drawings created by its team of famous artists (David Levine, John Springs, James Ferguson and Pancho) to choose from and you can browse for that favourite liked or disliked celebrity by category.

Look who I found under ‘Radicals and Extremists – Left and Right’. Depending on your politics you could hang it over the water cistern or on the wall over your bed. You better hurry, though, as the deadline expires tomorrow:



If $150 sounds a bit steep to you, Liam O’Rourke discovered this on the website for Abe books, a signed photo of the great man available for a trifling $1076.90, plus shipping costs of $28.58 (for a photo!):


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