Paris: Now The Backlash…..


This from AFP. How long before someone is killed? So far, not a word of condemnation from Cameron & Co. I wonder what is happening in France in this regard?

Anti-Muslim hate crimes rose 300 percent in Britain in the week following the coordinated attacks in Paris, according to figures published on Monday.

A “vast and overwhelming majority” of the 115 attacks were against Muslim women and girls aged between 14 and 45 who were wearing traditional Islamic dress, according to the findings reported in The Independent newspaper.

The perpetrators were mainly white males aged between 15 and 35, according to the report, which noted that the true numbers of attacks were likely much larger than those reported.

The figures come from a report to a government working group on anti-Muslim hate compiled by Tell Mama, a helpline that records incidents of physical and verbal attacks on mosques and Muslims.

A large number of the attacks occurred in public places such as buses and trains.

“Many of the victims have suggested that no one came to their assistance or even consoled them, meaning that they felt victimised, embarrassed, alone and angry about what had taken place against them.

“Sixteen of the victims even mentioned that they would be fearful of going out in the future and that the experiences had affected their confidence.”

The rise in attacks is in line with a similar increase that happened after the murder in south London of British soldier Lee Rigby by Muslim extremists in 2013, according to the report.

Islamophobic and anti-Semitic incidents had already risen sharply before the attacks in Paris, by 70.7 percent and 93.4 percent respectively in the year to July 2015 compared to the previous 12-month period, according to police figures.

In all, 816 Islamophobic incidents were recorded in Greater London between July 2014 and July 2015, compared to 478 in the previous period.

The same period saw 499 anti-Semitic incidents, a rise from 258 the previous year.

The police did not give a breakdown on whether the recorded attacks were physical or verbal assaults, but said there were a number of factors leading to the rise including a greater willingness of victims to report such incidents and better police recording.

Britain has 2.7 million Muslim residents and a Jewish population of 263,000, according to the 2011 census.

3 responses to “Paris: Now The Backlash…..

  1. These are figures self-compiled by an Islamic organisation and not by police. And they use that anti-discursive term of islamaphobia -which can apply to anyone not yet converted to Islam because they are Islamophobic. It is a means of stiffling debate on the extreme principles of Islam.

    The attacks apparently happen to women and girls wearing their textile prisons. So we could be talking about how someone gave them a second glance who was male and not a relative -that is how hypersensitive muslims are. I confess I have done that myself because I see the Islamic textile imprisonment of women and girls as oppressive and contrary to human rights and gender equality that I aspire to.

    I note how you brandish the allegation of Islamophobic and not anti-Islamic, I presume to suppress anyone from challenging his claims. He also unfairly prioritising Islam over a greater increase of anti-Semetic ‘incidents’. Hense he is not writing to be fair about who is being discriminated against the most or about the severity of whatever occurs -muslims are attacked and with jews there are questionable incidents. Here are some of the figures he provides in attempt to seem impartial: “Islamophobic and anti-Semitic incidents had already risen sharply before the attacks in Paris, by 70.7 percent and 93.4 percent respectively in the year to July 2015 compared to the previous 12-month period, according to police figures.”

    Some muslims may encounter a colder or even hostile response from non-muslims but that in itself does not amount to islamophobia or ‘attacks’ which seems to be a very generous and broad interpritation of the word. TellMama records “incidents by Muslims against other Muslims” so we have no way of knowing the origins who perpetrated these alleged ‘attacks’.

  2. I have checked Tell MAMA’s criteria of what it considers to be an attack -it lists the alleged victims perceptions such as feeling a sense of ‘dread’ or feeling that someone dislikes the alleged victim. Tell MAMA also covers offensive comments made by one muslim in the presence of another muslim -this could be no more that one muslim questioning Islam in the presence of another muslim who might find the questions offensive to his/her view of Islam. The threshold for alleged attacks is so low they could come up with any figures the want and many might not even be real.

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