IRA Army Council Still Exists – Shock Report

“IRA still exists but in ‘much reduced form’, says official report” – Guardian headline

PSNI Chief Constable gives re-assuring explanation: “The average height of Army Council members has shrunk by six inches in face of Tory austerity policies”, said George Hamilton. “Nothing else to see here, no need for panic. Please move on”, he added.

6 responses to “IRA Army Council Still Exists – Shock Report

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  2. Gerry was right after all (even though he was never in the Ra) advising constituents that: “They haven’t gone away, you know”.

    Must be a great shock for Mary-Lou and Eoin Ó Broin down in Dublin though. They repeatedly say that the ‘Army Council’ has “left the stage” though it seems that the armalite cumman has not left the dark basement of the republican/nationalist theatre.

    Get out the smelling salts for poor Mary Lou!

  3. Wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that PIRA still exists, since we still have at least 2 operatives in high positions within that organisation, I’m not too worried, the armalite/ballot is a failed concept & I cannot see anyway back into an armed conflict, it would destroy their political arm Sinn Fein & lose support within the US.

    The fragmentation of the loyalist groupings within the UVF & UDA are a cause for concern, however, we can always sink more £millions into loyalist areas to buy their support for the peace process.

    All in all, we are in a comfortable situation, Ulster is more safe than ever in the UK, Fine Gael are in power in the IR & likely to form another coalition with Labour.

    • i don’t think anyone seriously believes this leadership will go back to war with the british. but eliminating opponents or critics? especially when it is clear now that the brits won’t do much about it and the DUP are too concerned to get their noses back into the stormont trough? that’s a different matter entirely and it is, i think, what is really fuelling this crisis. and, if i was a post-ceasefire member of SF attracted to the party because of the apparent genuine change, i think i’d be disturbed at the idea of a secret unelected cabal deciding things. sort of smacks of stalinism and dictatorship, etc.

  4. But don’t they already have a degree of stalinism and dictatorship in the form of Gerry.

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