The End Of American Empire…..And Other Scary Stories

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is one of the most fascinating people in and around the US system of government. He was chief of staff to Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State in the Bush White House, and in the years since has become not just an cutting critic of the neocon lunacy that began with the invasion of Iraq but a farsighted and prescient observer of the much larger picture, i.e. where America and the rest of the world is going.

This talk ranges far and wide to include some really scary inside stuff about climate change and what the NSA is up to out of even Edward Snowden’s sight, but deals primarily with the end of the American empire, or rather how all the disasters that have over come America, and the world in the last decade or so, from the invasion of Iraq to the financial collapse of 2008 are all classic tell-tale signs of imperial decline.

His talk lasts about forty minutes but I assure you is well worth listening to. That’s followed by fifty minutes or so of Q&A’s, which are also worth it. Enjoy:

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