Being White In America – Riveting New Documentary

American Whites are like the Prods in the North. The Blacks and Hispanics are the Catholics. Well, almost. This new film by Jose Antonio Vargas takes a sometimes uncomfortable look at the White population. Does any of it strike a chord with you?

4 responses to “Being White In America – Riveting New Documentary

  1. This is a very selective view. It does not represent the great majority of people I known or grew up with. Also comparing white people in America to “prods” in Northern Ireland shows a profound misunderstanding of America.

    • go ask black people in this country and they will tell you, you are their prods. it was white america that practised slavery, who fought a civil war to preserve it, who introduced jim crow, who practice racism now, often in a cop’s uniform. there was a reason, you know, why bernadette devlin gave her key to the freedom of new york to the black panthers; like many northern nats she saw the blacks as themselves. sorry if it hurts but the truth sometimes does.

      • Ed: Your comment demonstrates bias against Protestant people in Northern Ireland, imposition of group guilt upon white Americans , and condescension toward Black Americans. I also seriously doubt that you spoke to Black persons who stated ” white people are our Prods.” That is your fictional side taking over.

      • i think you’ll have to do better than that……you’ve been clashing swords too often with your right-wing friends on the internet; they’re so dumb they’re easy meat.

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