The HIA Inquiry

who is this ‘prominent member of the community’? answers on a postcard to 121 ormeau road, belfast, bt7 ish…….


One of the enduring allegations of the last forty years has been that the state’s security agencies  have been complicit in the sexual abuse , and possibly the murder of children.  Kincora is the outstanding example  but maybe  not the only instance. In GB a  major inquiry is about to start. It will not deal with Kincora. So , what next? The inquiry in Banbridge, chaired by Tony Hart, has been lumbering on for months. If you think that it is going to cut a swathe through the state , think again. Allegations have already been made against “prominent members of the community” , his words, not mine. The result? Anonymity  orders. You are not allowed to know who these people are. This , despite social media naming one such person, an elected  public representative,  frequently. What is the point of these King Canute orders? “BP” , who says that…

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7 responses to “The HIA Inquiry

  1. kevinsayskevin

    Why are you giving Peter Sefton a platform for his views on abuse without acknowledging that he is serving a suspended prison sentence for his own abusive behaviour ?

    • because i don’t see the need. there is no comparison between the two, especially in a society in which so-called democrats share power with former bombers & gunmen, not to mention those who organised and led them…..this is about double standards, i.e. some are scrutinised by the HIA but others, with connections to the powerful, are not. for instance why is kincora excluded?

  2. kevinsayskevin

    That is a feeble argument. The previous record of the Stormont figures is well known, even though their convictions were 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. However, you introduced Peter Sefton as a barrister without acknowledging that he was suspended from practising until a matter of months ago. You also allowed him to comment on abuse cases without pointing out that he had a relevant conviction barely a year ago. As you have offered your thoughts on the MLAs, are you going to display any degree of consistency and tell us your view on the way in which Sefton harassed and terrified an innocent and vulnerable young woman ?

    • not quite twenty years ago. the northern bank and the stabbiing of young mccartney were fairly recent, to name but two incidents that come to mind. re peter sefton: he didnt sexually abuse her, did he? the HIA is supposed to be about such things but only certain people and institutions are subject to scrutiny. that’s the point you fail to understand. by the way both peter and i blog under our own names. we don’t hide behind invented pen names. so just exactly who are you? and why don’t you use your real name?

    • big man, Kev, want to debate?

  3. kevinsayskevin

    Arguments are more important than identity and you are struggling. The Northern Bank robbery and the murder of Robert McCartney were shocking crimes but no one – politician or otherwise – has been convicted of them. You are providing a platform for Peter Sefton who was found guilty of a serious abuse offence only last year. The judge said that his behaviour was insulting and intimidating and also involved sexually explicit texts. Have you an opinion on his conduct and is he an appropriate person to discuss abuse issues on your blog ?

    • it doesn’t compare to years of sexual abuse at kincora encouraged by MI5, then covered up many times, the latest at the HIA. it doesn’t compare to the buggery of boys by catholic monks at kircubbin or the cruelty of nuns at the top of the ormeau road, again covered up by holy mother church for years. get your priorities right. you’ve had your say, now fuck off.

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