The Partial Repayment Of A Debt

Now, I wonder will Barra McGrory issue any subpoenas for this one? Silly question.


Today I lodged papers with the Police Ombudsman.

Details will follow.

Essentially, I contend that PIRA was so completely penetrated by the state in 1990 that the murders of my parents were the state’s responsibility. This the police failed to investigate.

I have given details of the PIRA informers, whose names I know and I have asked the Ombudsman to examine all state files.

The exercise has taken a year of my life, which I have gladly given, for my parents.

Other events have given me this opportunity, which I failed to take for twenty four years.

A number of people who treated me badly during that time and who gave me no support will have their own God to answer to.

I thank those who have stood by me through all my travails for these years.

I thank those from both communities, who, in the last twelve months have…

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