Martin McGuinness’ Royal Baby Tweet

If you are going to congratulate the heir to the British throne on the birth of yet another expensive burden to the taxpayer, wouldn’t it be more dignified to be honest about it?

Approaching the topic in a sideways and backwards fashion is surely calculated to provoke only mirth and contempt, even if it has become in recent years la méthode pour le jour of a certain party’s peace process strategy.

Imagine, for instance, the hoots of derision that greeted this little tweet when it came over the tapes at Loughside?


One response to “Martin McGuinness’ Royal Baby Tweet

  1. We had better hope there are lots of happy ‘mothers & fathers’ celebrating the births of their born babies (sic). We’re gonna need them, because society’s fragmenting, the welfare state’s collapsing, and Royal pups don’t come cheap.

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