Adams & McConville: First The Magazine Piece. Now The Book. Next The Movie?

An intriguing announcement in today’s edition of Publishers Marketplace, the US book trade’s go-to website for the latest publishing house deals with writers:

March 19, 2015 – Patrick Radden Keefe
Non-fiction: Narrative

National Magazine Award-winning New Yorker writer and author of THE SNAKEHEAD Patrick Radden Keefe’s account chronicling the powerful echoes of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, centering on the 1972 abduction of Jean McConville, a widowed mother of ten who was dragged from her flat in front of her children by members of the IRA, who believed she was an informer, and how this act has haunted her family, the perpetrators, and a country unable to come to terms with its violent recent past, to Bill Thomas at Doubleday, in a significant deal, for publication in 2017, by Tina Bennett of William Morris Endeavor (NA).

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