How Liberal Neocons Like Samantha Power Sent Libya To Hell In A Hand-basket!

That awful woman, Samantha Power was on the Jon Stewart show last week and my heart bled for the comedian host. Interviewing Power was a bit like interrogating a plank of wood, except a plank of wood would have interesting splinters, knots and nails sticking out.

Power, who has risen to become Obama’s ambassador at the United Nations, is known as a liberal interventionist. That is diplo-speak for someone who is a neocon but wants to make it in the Democratic Party, where neocon is still a dirty word associated with Bush, Cheney and the invasion of Iraq.

Conventional neocons want to invade other countries to advance American interests, or those of their allies like Israel, and make no bones or pretence about it, whereas liberal interventionists want to do the same but dress their motives up in sham humanitarian clothes.

So it was that in the Spring of 2011, Power became one of the loudest voices in the Obama White House for the proxy invasion of Libya, arguing that the country’s dictator, Muammar Gaddafi was threatening to slaughter the citizens of Benghazi because of their support for regime change, qua the Arab Spring. Without intervention by the West there would be a bloodbath, she and others shrieked.

In fact, as one well sourced study discovered, the threat was enormously exaggerated; there never was a chance of a bloodbath and the citizens of Benghazi agitating for Gaddafi’s removal turned out to be jihadis who had returned from places like Afghanistan where they had been trying to kill American infidels.

Fast forward nearly four years and the jihadis are almost running the place, turning what had once been a pleasant, prosperous country run by a man who, in his late middle age, had actually prostrated himself to the US & Europe, abandoning his old anti-imperialist ways to become one of the West’s most reliable if rather pathetic allies (who for instance obligingly tortured Al Qaeda suspects for the CIA) into a horror show.

The latest development is that the nice people from ISIS have arrived on the shores of Libya and have set up shop not far from Benghazi where they have begun happily chopping off the heads of anyone who says boo to them.

For some reason Samantha Power hasn’t got much to say about Libya these days. And Jon Stewart had the good grace not to ask, not even: “How did that Libyan thing work out for you, Sammi?”

The truth is that ISIS in Syria and Iraq was created by American and Israeli neocons, i.e. Bush, Cheney and Netanyahu (with lots of help from T Blair) while ISIS in Libya was created by Barrack Obama and Samantha Power (with a little help from David Cameron). Neocons all, no matter what they call themselves.

Here is a depressing update about ISIS in Libya:

8 responses to “How Liberal Neocons Like Samantha Power Sent Libya To Hell In A Hand-basket!

  1. “Enormously exaggerated threats” seem to be the main currency of US policy, this past decade.

  2. There are a number of possible explanations for ‘Western’ foreign policy in the middle east. What is perhaps most disturbing about the current situation that the old chestnut of ‘it doesn’t matter who you vote for the government always get in’ seems true in relation to the boy Barack. Undoubtedly the boy has done good on Health but foreign policy still looks decidedly Bush like.

    On this side of the pond, as a once great fan of the BBC, they seem, post Blair-Campbell, unable/unwilling to even review their own governments foreign policy which has made the policy on Suez (which was viewed as the biggest post WW2 foreign policy disaster for decades) rather minor by comparison.

    Leaving the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan(Helmand deployment) out of it how in the name of holy feck have the British government not been challenged by their own media / people for the debacle of their policy on Syria and Libya – and what is the link between that policy and the rise of ISIS/ISIL?

    From the outside it looks clear that the ‘West’ backed the wrong horse (as George Galloway told them repeatedly) in Syria but although they probably knew the danger of backing jihadists – they wanted rid of Assad(presumably because of his Russian/Iranian ties) and gambled that Assad would go relatively easily.

    The most incredible part of the Syrian debacle is that not that the Western governments expected people to believe that ISIL appeared over night out of the desert but rather that (we) westerners actually did.

    …or perhaps I’m being unfair to ‘us’ perhaps it is simply about the cost of oil and the difference is that these days ‘we’ Westerners simply agree with the governments’ policy that – ‘it is the economy stupid’ and if that means ‘adjustments’ in the middle east – then ‘we’ (and the BBC/Media) are happy to just let them get on with it.

  3. Ed, excellent analysis,, can not abide Samantha Power, a neocon in disguise–these corrupt government officials have lots to answer for—and as usual, the U.S. has created the crisis.. can see another war on the horizon

  4. I’ve never been religious, but seeing Samantha Power and her accomplices in ISIS I was overcome by a kind of revelation: Hell is empty and all its devils are here.

  5. There’s none so eager to be in the vanguard as the recently arrived. From Castleknock, isn’t she? And then there’s Mr Brennan, at one remove from Roscommon. These folks are not making the world a better place.

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