Caption Contest: Best Suggestion Wins A Prize (Details Later)


11 responses to “Caption Contest: Best Suggestion Wins A Prize (Details Later)

  1. ‘One on’

  2. Of course we can put you up here for a couple of nights.

  3. Next time Peter, bring me back the right change!!!

  4. “The latest series of Celebrity Big Brother is shaping up to be a ratings winner.”

  5. Are you sure there’s a vase in my cell ?

  6. Queen: “No Philip you cannot hang a Paddy to see how the gallows work.”

    Pete: “The Prince is very witty Your Majesty.”

    Marty: “Paddy the Irish man and Paddy the English man went into a bar and…”

    Pete: “Marty be quiet, there are no English men called Paddy.”

    Marty: “There is so, Paddy McGuinness, he’s English!”

    Queen: “Oh and is this Paddy a relative of yours Mr McGuinness?”

    Marty: “Well no Ma’am but if I went into his local pub he’d be the Paddy the English man in my joke. Can I tell the joke Ma’am?”

    Philip: “Can I hang Paddy McGuinness the Irish man dear?”

    Queen: “If he insists on being so sycophantic in his humour you can Philip.”

    Philip: “Oh goody….Go ahead with your joke McGuinness!”

  7. Her Majesty: “When does a cruel tool of imperial violence became a respectable institution?”
    McGuinness: “When I’m running it Ma’am.”

  8. it’s all themmuns’ fault

  9. “You know, you can sometimes survive prison by becoming somebody’s bitch. And after prison, too.”

  10. I’m telling ye, yer Majesty, he started it!

  11. Her Majesty: ‘How did you make all the prisoners disappear?’
    Robinson: ‘You’ll have to ask Mr McGuinness, Ma’am’

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