Breaking News: NBC News Seeks Subpoenaed Interviews From Boston Court has learned in the last few minutes that NBC News has written to Judge William Young of the Boston Federal District Court asking that the court unseal all transcripts, audio recordings and documents handed over to the PSNI on foot of the subpoenas served on Boston College.

NBC wrote to Judge Young on May 6th, two weeks ago and the letter was sent by Thomas J Winter of NBC News Investigations. It is not known what response Judge Young has made, if any.

Arguing that American citizens have the right under a Supreme Court judgement in 1978 to gain access to judicial documents, NBC also maintains that: “This case or any case involving incidents of terrorism and criminality committed by several and various parties representing diverse ideologies both political and religious is a matter of great public interest”. NBC News told Judge Young it wanted the documents released “as soon as possible”.

Judge Young presided over the hearing in December 2011 and January 2012 which overruled Boston College’s attempt to quash the PSNI subpoena and he later personally determined which of the interviews should be handed over, a decision he took when Boston College’s lawyers claimed college staff had never read the interviews and could not help.

Here is the full text of the NBC letter to Judge Young:


4 responses to “Breaking News: NBC News Seeks Subpoenaed Interviews From Boston Court

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    NBC News in the United States is now seeking access to the Boston College files requested by the PSNI in relation to its campaign to charge and convict the Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams TD

  2. This is getting WAY out of control!! Damn, you had such a great idea and story for years to come and damn politics get in the way!! Well hell, thats what this is all about anyway!! I am a US citizen, however the USA should stay the hell out of it!!!

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