Tim Pat Coogan – A Reaction

I have just read Tim Pat Coogan’s article in Niall O’Dowd’s website Irish Central which you can read here.

A number of people have urged me to respond but after reflection this is what I have to say: isn’t it a shame that after such an illustrious career, which has included writing major books on Irish republican history and editing one of Ireland’s major daily newspapers, he has reduced himself to such a level. Very sad indeed?

13 responses to “Tim Pat Coogan – A Reaction

  1. ciaran mc clean

    Cow Pat, as opposed to Tim Pat would seem to sum up his comments Ed, sad indeed!

  2. Mr Coogan is an apologist of provisionalism – enough said.

  3. Galloway's Valet

    Pretty dreadful stuff, he’s really makiing an argument against academic freedom and free speech, which he disingenously conflates with opposition to the ‘peace process.’ So civil society, intellectual life, cultural institutions and journalism should simply shut down if they challenge the emerging, official consensus?

  4. I feel I am an honest broker, typical of the ‘silent’ majority perhaps, Ed, and have a high regard for you. That said, I do suggest responding, because I do find Tim Pat’s points compelling, perhaps because I am not particularly well-informed, but there you have it …

  5. Weak non-response Ed. A respected historian makes worthwhile points and all you can do is attack him? Please.

    • tim pat coogan is an old man who has been cajoled into recycling sinn fein’s talking points. he does not recall how conor cruise o’brien attempted to brand him as a provo fellow traveler in the 1970’s? now he is doing the cruiser’s job for him. that’s why i called it so sad and decided to leave it alone. he is an old man, as i said. my response to the critique presented by the three stooges – mansergh, o’dowd and coogan – will hopefully appear in the irish times anon.

  6. im young enough to be ur grandchild. old enuf to know coogan shud know better. see, u really are no spring chicken.

  7. im from the text generation unlike u, u old fogey

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