Note from IRA man raises questions on Loughgall.

An interesting piece on a new blog in Belfast……

Vixens With Convictions!

                        arthurs  Brian Arthurs.

A typed note from one former IRA commander to another may shed light on a mystery surrounding the murder of eight IRA men and one civilian, shot by the SAS in 1987, in what subsequently became known as “The Loughgall Ambush”. 

“VWC” has seen the document in question, which is part of a wider archive of material smuggled out of the H Blocks in the late 1990’s.

 Dated 6th May 1995, just weeks before an inquest into the killings took place, the note contains the following revelations;

  • A suggestion that men convicted of IRA offences conspired between them to offer false evidence at the inquest, if called to the witness stand.
  • Corroboration of the theory that at least one IRA man escaped during the shoot-out.
  • For the first time, further information regarding the…

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