The Northern Bank Robbery: Re-writing History, Irish-Style


They say that the first stage in rewriting history is to pretend it didn’t happen. Then when people get used to that, a new version is composed and put into circulation.

Judging by this report on the Northern Bank robbery of December, 2004 when some £Stg26.5 million in cash was taken from the vaults of the bank’s headquarters in Donegall Square Belfast, the Irish Times is at stage one of that process.

I challenge you dear reader to scan that paper’s report about a money laundering accountant changing his plea to one of ‘guilty’ of handling some of the stolen cash and find the initials I, R or A or the word Provisional.

You won’t find them.

According to the Irish Times, “a gang” stole the money. Next thing you know we’ll be told Jean McConville was disappeared by person or persons unknown.

3 responses to “The Northern Bank Robbery: Re-writing History, Irish-Style

  1. Possibly the Irish Times are now aware that the robbery was not perpetrated by the IRA and that’s the reason they weren’t mentioned.
    Had that job been done by the Provos of the Falls Road as we were originally told, the bars would have been full of supporters bragging at the ‘wonderful’ achievement.
    As we say in Belfast, they couldn’t hold their own water.

  2. ed, i know this is a serious article, but who would u trust most to handle ur cash out of above photo, ted c or the two garda siochcroneys!

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