Cruel Brittania – How Britain Led The World In Torture

Ian Cobain’s disturbing history of Britain’s pioneering use of torture, ‘Cruel Brittania – A Secret History Of Torture’, is one of those must-read accounts for anyone who wants to know how and why America ended up waterboarding Muslims in secret jails. Answer: the British showed them the way.

The dirty truth is that there wasn’t a trick in the American playbook that was not acquired from the British, from the techniques of torture, through to secret rendition, the use of proxy torturers and the lies employed to cover it all up – all refined years if not decades before 9/11.

Read this book and not only will you realise that much of the history you learned at school was bunkum but you will also know why Tony Blair must stand trial at the Hague for war crimes. Yet somehow the British have managed to cultivate the quite opposite image, that Englishmen are gentlemen and they do not torture. Cobain shows they have and do and are possibly the world’s experts.

Cobain, a Guardian reporter, was published by Portobello Books which created a wonderful video to publicise the book. Here is that video followed by a filmed discussion of the book featuring the author and three experts in the field.

5 responses to “Cruel Brittania – How Britain Led The World In Torture

  1. Reblogged this on Pippakins Hardly Relevant File (Dustbin to you) and commented:
    Here it goes again…..I think being anti Brit must pay well

    • well, it was a british journalist who works for a british newspaper who wrote it and as far as i could see the discussion panel were all british including one an MP. if they were all irish, or french or, heaven forbid, americans you might be able to say that but not with that lineup pippakin!

  2. pippakain, you’re deluding yourself that this is Brit bashing!

  3. I don’t see that it matters who is doing the bashing and I wasn’t complaining about nationalities I was complaining about repetition! .
    Deluding myself? I don’t think so the world knows the Brits used torture and that they still either would or do but they were not the first and they won’t be the last.
    Its as if people try to drum up interest and outrage using old news; it doesn’t work. It was on its last legs and finally bit the dust in America when the like of Peter King decided they’d rather be a torturer than a victim and imo that’s what always has and always will happen.
    I don’t believe people can be holier than thou when most of us know we would fully support whatever it takes to keep ourselves and our families safe.

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