Gov. Soprano Shows True Colors, And So Does ‘President For Change’

Have a look at the video below of Chris Christie blowing up at a constituent on the New Jersey boardwalk and ask yourself if it is at all possible that such a character could endorse a plan to cause a massive three day traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge so as to embarrass and discomfit a political rival, in this case the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, which includes the bridge entrance, because he would not endorse Christie for governor?

Then watch the second video and ask yourself what political values this president represents, given his evident eagerness to embrace and champion one of America’s most brutish political thugs in the name of so-called bi-partisanship?

One response to “Gov. Soprano Shows True Colors, And So Does ‘President For Change’

  1. aithnionn ciarog ciarog eile, i youtubed ‘george carlin doesnt vote’ after watchin this to make it less painful, millions of people vote for these turds, politicians are only half to blame

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