Over To You, Gerry…………

2 responses to “Over To You, Gerry…………

  1. Armstrong says he would be prepared to tell all ‘under certain conditions.
    Has he told anyone what these ‘conditions’ might be?
    Personally I would take any of his promises, conditional or not, with a large dose of salt.
    Cookson is being touted as the UCI knight in shining armour. What I wonder is why Armstrong sent Brian congratulations, expressing his glee that Pat McQuaid had been dumped from the office of president. Why would he feel that way if McQuaid had been doing such a lousy job tackling drugs in the sport as Cookson claimed? He must be expecting reinstatement under the new regime.

  2. Galloway's Valet

    The idea of Gerry in florescent Lycra confessing all to Oprah in a cathartic apotheosis is more than flesh and blood can endure.

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