Syria: Toxic Levels Of Hypocrisy Discovered In Damascus Restaurant

Congratulations to the London Independent and reporter Heather Saul for digging up this photo of US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad dining with their respective wives, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and Asma al-Assad at a Damascus restaurant. This apparently happened in February 2009.


As Kerry beats the war drums for President Obama on the eve of a Congressional vote aimed at giving US forces a virtual military carte blanche for operations in Syria, he is not likely to welcome being reminded of this cordial get together with, as The Independent reminds us, someone Kerry now calls “a thug” and whom he has compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Kerry was visiting Syria in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and according to other British newspaper reports he met Assad around six times.

The Independent report continues:

During the visit, he said in a press conference: “President Barack Obama’s administration considers Syria a key player in Washington’s efforts to revive the stalled Middle East peace process.

”Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region”.

Pass the zinc bucket please!

11 responses to “Syria: Toxic Levels Of Hypocrisy Discovered In Damascus Restaurant

  1. Like the false flags for invading Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. intervention in Syria is yet another big lie without any moral justification. Hopefully, America will wake up and wouldn’t that be nice. When our closest ally has abandoned us , the message should be crystal clear..

  2. Related, look at the US media’s coverage of Assad in very recent years, such as the fawning Diane Sawyer interview (“Do you have an iPod?”) on ABC News or the “Rose of the Desert” profile of Asma Assad in Vogue. They gave him a relentless tongue bath right up until the moment that they started the ASSAD IS JUST LIKE HITLER!!!!!!!!! headlines.

  3. Over the top attacks on Kerry, Obama and the US a diversion . Clearly Assad and his military used chemical weapons to kill 1400 civilians including 400 children. The shells were fired into rebel held areas in eastern Damascus. Do you really believe KGB man Putin that this was a setup by rebels to turn the world against Assad? Please !! get serious. French intelligence has documented 3 Assad chemical attacks since April. Assad’s air bases , artillery , tanks, military headquarters should be destroyed and Assad charged with war crimes.

    • not the first time, ed, that a member of the assad family killed his own people. but didn’t stop john kerry supping at his table in damascus though and also urging US to appoint an ambassador to Syria in Feb 2011, a month before the rebellion began. by the same logic US should be indicted for war crimes for assisting Iraq kill Kurds and Iranians with CW’s provided by US as well as often indicriminate use by US of CW’s in up to eleven countries. go ask the Vietnamese about Agent Orange for e.g or hundreds of GI’s who suffered cancer. worth reading this: & this for historical perspective and a view on morality of such situations. you just don’t get it, ed. big powers don’t go to war for humanitarian reasons. they tell their people they do so as to whip up support (and have done since the beginnings of organised warfare) but they really go to war for perceived self-interest. that means they must lie. happened in Iraq and may well be happening now. once bitten, twice shy should be the guiding rule.

  4. I do get it Ed. Your demand for absolute purity in politicians and governments is in the finest tradition of Don Quixote. Assad and his minority clique and Hezbollah terrorists have killed most of the 100,000 Syrians and definitely fired chemical weapons into eastern Damascus. But since the US screwed up in Iraq, a blind eye must be turned to Assad’s war crimes. The logic escapes me unless one’s overriding ethos is to bash the US regardless of the merits. If so, one soon loses credibility across the board.

    • No, ed, a blind eye must not be turned to assad’s crimes. but neither should obama’s crimes escape censure either, whether it be droning children to death in south asia or killing US citizens without due process, or spying on the entire world by stealing their emails and phone calls. and after the iraq lies, nothing, absolutely nothing an American government says about anything in the Middle East, not even the weather or traffic conditions in downtown cairo, should ever be believed again without supporting evidence from truly independent sources, i.e. someone without a dog in the fight, especially not Israel (the apparent source for the SIGINT on the CW attack). what i’d like to know from you ed is whether you’d be so gung-ho for a war in syria if the president was called bush and not obama??

    • ed, i left your claim that Assad had killed “most” of the 100,000 fatalities in Syria unchallenged until I was able to access this piece by the good people at McClatchy who, once again, are challenging official versions of events and finding them wanting, as they did at the time of the Iraq war. This time however they are being read more diligently and widely. I suggest you do too and stop reading those Dem talking points, or switch off MSNBC. As I thought they are quoting sources more reputable than Obama to give a more realistic assessment of the killing, not least that more than 40% of deaths were pro-Assad people. Here it is and please have a read:

  5. Galloway's Valet

    It’s reminiscent of Saddam, isn’t it? A force for stability and regional harmony when he was gassing Kurds and invading Iran. A tyrant and monster when he finally disobeyed orders from Washington and invaded America’s political front operation in Kuwait.

    When Iranian born journalist Farzad Bazoft fell foul of Saddam during the tyrants period of friendship with the West, he was tortured in Abu Ghraib and then brutally executed.

    Politicians and journalists in the UK rushed to condemn Bazoft, questioning his motives, and defending the strongman who preserved stability by murdering a journalist.

    A zinc bucket moment, if ever there was one.

  6. Even if the Syrian govt has killed loads of people they are the governers of a previously stable regime, why! did you expect them to leave their supporters (the vast majority) to die? Syria was a lovely place and is entitled to be secular if it wants to be. The regime is not perfect but it was a lovely and democratic country, which of course marked its downfall. Where is the crime in defending your own? What gives you the right to condone the overthrow of a regime for no reason. Life is not a middle class British game, a role, that all cultures appear to adopt in the name of their personal right to ”an opinion”
    The Syrian Ba’ath party is preferable to a bunch of over-privileged British Pakistanis using the situation as a money spinner and a chance to exercise their nether regions. The Syrian Brothers will be regretting their stupidity by now.
    When did the west support Arab nationalism or Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq? Since the 1800s, Britain have always supported the emirates and fundamentalism, in one guise or another, cos in the words of a close Arab friend they are ”donkeys” and worship the west.
    Did you ever meet Iraqi Kurds, who spoke 10 languages were 7 foot tall with PHDs, well there were plenty in the Iraq under Ba’athism. Oh and no-one conclusively proved, who used the chemical weapons in the Iran and Iraq war, both sides had them and the evidence was not adduced at Saddam Hussain’s trial for that reason. In fact he was murdered instead.
    There are plenty of stones to throw but there are no angels or devils. At least Iraq did not rip off the Arab states like the Emirates do, an alternative economic system to Britain’s could only be good.
    Its amazing, that so many people, who know nothing about a situation one day, feel entitled to open their mouths the next.

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