Breathtaking Hypocrisy!

Sometimes the hypocrisy of government can be so brazen it literally takes the breath away. I am still struggling to retain my composure after reading a news story in The Irish Times today sent by a friend in Ireland.

The story dealt with a successful legal move by the NI Secretary, Theresa Villiers and the PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggot to prevent the relatives of three victims killed by British security forces from being able to read inquest documents because of British concerns “about the possible disclosure of any sensitive information on members of the security forces”.

Relatives of the three are attempting to re-open their cases and the information is potentially important to them in this effort.

A fuller account than The Irish Times’ is carried in the often excellent Detail website, which I recommend you read.

NI Secretary Theresa Villiers - only other peoples' secrets can be revealed

NI Secretary Theresa Villiers – only other peoples’ secrets can be revealed

The three victims were IRA man Paddy McAdorey who was shot dead by a British Army sniper on the morning of internment, August 9th, 1971; Michael Donnelly who was killed by a plastic bullet in 1980 and Sadie Larmour, a Catholic woman who was shot dead in October 1979. Mrs Larmour’s death is especially intriguing. She was killed at her home in Rodney Drive, in the heart of the Falls Road by a UVF gunman who broke into her home. Why is her killing considered by Villiers and Baggot likely to lead to “sensitive information on members of the security forces?” Don’t we have a right to know?

The hypocrisy is breathtaking because at the same time these two individuals, Baggot directly and Villiers by virtue of her post in the British government, are demanding that all information in the archives of Boston College relating to a killing carried out by the IRA must be handed over, no exceptions allowed.

So here we have a classic example of double standards. Boston College must hand over everything but the British can seek to hide what they will, and probably will get away with it. Unless that it is public opinion can be mobilised to force them to play by the same rules they apply to everyone else. Over to you, Irish media. There’s a story here. You do remember what a story is don’t you?

7 responses to “Breathtaking Hypocrisy!

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  2. If you’re looking for breathtaking government hypocrisy, consider also the role of the Boston FBI field office and the US Attorney’s Office in Boston, which protected Whitey Bulger for at least a couple of decades:

    “But it was other degenerates, in the FBI and the Justice Department, who for so long enabled Bulger’s bloody mayhem. They enlisted Bulger as an informant, protected him from police investigations, and warned him to flee when an indictment was imminent. ”

    These are the disgusting scumbags who are attacking academic research in the name of truth and justice.

  3. Hypocrisy – the government you elected to serve you, look after your interests, your land, your food, your homes, your jobs, this government writes legislation to cover loopholes in the democratic policies that are written for you too elect them out when they do none of the above, to make you a criminal if you protest to what they do that can destroy all of the above……

  4. Is journalism dead or in its death throes? .Could that be why Irish journalists suffer from the same paralysis as American journalists? Telling the truth and exposing hypocrisy has consequences.

  5. Galloway's Valet

    I find a donation to Wikileaks, and by extension to Edward Snowden, a cathartic exercise. For a minimal fee you can upset virtually every political crook in Westminster, their corporate sponsors, and their journalistic accessories. It’s not every day you get that kind of value for money.

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