Ortiz Hubbie Jumps Into Aaron Swartz Row


3 responses to “Ortiz Hubbie Jumps Into Aaron Swartz Row

  1. No wonder Aaron Swartz killed himself. Look at the way the Obama Administration treats dissenters. You only have to look at how Bradley Manning has been treated. Aaron, a suicide? I believe history will record it an escape by the only means available. TORTURE IS A SHAME ON AMERICA. Republican = Democrat = The Same thing. What Bush started national security is being extended by President Obama. Is their still a claim that this was the intention of our founding fathers.

    Jack Smith

  2. While there are legitimate reasons to regulate and monitor Internet activity such as copyright issues certainly insisting on jail time for a first offender is prosecutorial overkill. Havnt they anything better to do with their time? It’s akin to closing down a childs lemonade stand for failure to pay sales taxes.

  3. U.S. District Attorney Carmen Ortiz showed no mercy and exceedingly poor judgement in her prosecutorial rush to judgement and her zeal to make this a textbook case. Consequently, she came down with menacing full force on an emotionally fragile young man and ultimately contributed to his death.

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