Boston College: Warnings That Were Ignored

Earlier this week, we issued a statement condemning Boston College for its failure to appeal a recent court decision ordering the handing over of interviews from the Belfast Project oral history archive and calling on the college to close down the archive and return/destroy interviews.

In the course of our statement we referred to an earlier proposal we had made to safeguard the archive which had been rebuffed by Boston College. When asked about this, BC spokesperson Jack Dunn claimed not have “heard” of such a proposal.

Since Dunn’s response cast doubt on our veracity we decided to make an email exchange about this matter public, redacting only material that infringed our promise of confidentiality to interviewers, masking their names and keeping internal BC affairs secret. Had Dunn not suggested we had been erroneous, the emails would not have been released. Those emails resulted in this blog, which I recommend be widely read.

2 responses to “Boston College: Warnings That Were Ignored

  1. Anthony McIntyre

    Chris is certainly on the ball

  2. I see below that Noel Doran, editor of The Irish News, is scheduled to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry next week.

    I wonder if his newspaper’s role in the Boston College interviews story will be raised there. In my opinion, it should be.

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