Occupy Wall Street – The Interview Fox Wouldn’t Air

When your coverage of a protest against corruption, greed & inequality demands that you portray those involved as mindless, work-shy hippies with such a confused political philosophy that they haven’t even worked up a list of demands, what do you do when you encounter an articulate, intelligent protester who is a) able to explain fluently just why he and thousands of others have taken to the streets and b) won’t pander to the media’s caricature of the protest? Answer: lose the interview. Which is exactly what Fox News’ Greta van Susteren did when her interviewer encountered Jesse LaGreca (see below). US media coverage of the Wall Street protest has oscillated between ignoring it, pouring ridicule on it and, more recently, sounding the alarm and warning of the dangers it poses to American capitalism and Wall Street bankers. Taking it seriously and asking why it is happening has yet to feature in any prominent way.

3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street – The Interview Fox Wouldn’t Air

  1. Strange isn’t it odd that the Fox reporter said would run, but what we see is an unaired segment.

    • i’m not sure i understand you. but if you look at the segment you can see it was someone else filming fox filming the interview – which did not appear or feature in van sustern’s programme

  2. Irish Imitators in Dublin’s Dame Street :
    Berlin Satirists :
    A very large Berlin poster against the bank-bailout which are presently being planned in the EU and satirizing the present state of affairs – Merkel and Sarkozy pulling the strings.


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