Brehon Law Society on Boston College

Guest blogger Joan Kelly writes:

The Brehon Law Society in New York City has written to the prosecution authorities in Belfast protesting the attempt to subpoena oral history archives and circulated the letter widely to other interested parties – it is well worth a read:

Brehon Law Society Letter

4 responses to “Brehon Law Society on Boston College

  1. would it not be best if the tapes were ‘stolen’ and remained unavailable until subsequently discovered anonymously in later years.
    This action would have the advantage of being perfectly understood by those agents of division who may be at the core of this inquiry.

  2. Convictions! There is no reason for the dead to lie, but every reason for the living!

  3. There is no reason for the dead to lie, but plenty of reason for the living to lie. What needs to be done is stop rewarding for bad behaviour and heinous crimes. Justice truth convictions…

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