So, Riddle Me This?

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner now admits he lied about sending some semi-revealing photographs of himself to assorted women via Twitter. It was a foolish act but no-one has been harmed, except Weiner himself, his wife and family. He didn’t have sex with any of the women but his political career and ambitions lie in ruins, he has been shamed in public and he may have to quit Congress. His cover-up, if it merits the description, has been awarded the suffix reserved for the most egregious efforts to sweep scandal under the carpet: Weinergate.

Most students of the Iraq war have concluded that US President George W Bush lied about Saddam Hussein and WMD’s, as did British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Iraq was invaded and a lengthy war was fought on the basis of that lie, countless tens of thousands were killed, trillions of dollars wasted and the whole Middle East thrown into chaos and instability. Both men retired as respected statesmen and live in security & comfort. Blair has amassed a fortune and works for one of Wall Street’s largest merchant banks. He and Bush have each written autobiographies that have been widely praised and which earned them a great deal of money. Neither has apologised for anything. No ‘gate’ suffix has been added to their misdeeds.

So, who’s the most offending of this bunch, Weiner or Bush & Blair? And whose misbehavior has been more scrutinized by the American media?

Tony Blair

George W Bush

Anthony Weiner

3 responses to “So, Riddle Me This?

  1. John mc Guckin

    War Wounds investigates all major wars of the 20th century and the specific medical advances that developed with each, including shell shock, self-inflicted wounds and reconstructive surgery in WWI, the medical experiments and disease in the Nazi death camps of WWII, the effects of Agent Orange, anti-personnel mines and sexually transmitted infections in the Vietnam War, frost-bite in the Korean War and Australian nurses in the current war in Afghanistan/

    all the horrors of war expressed in this paragraph. Anthony Weiner New York congressman indulged in the foolish act, and of course childish act of sending semi naked photos to various women, for this most “heinous” crime he is castigated by the media i.e weinergate. As ed maloney points out in his Broken elbow column Bush ,Blair who were directly responsible for all the horrors depicted in the first paragraph are lauded by the media and have amassed fortunes. Nothing so queer as folk. John Mc Guckin


  2. Hello, I love your weblog. Is there some thing I can do to obtain updates like a subscription or some thing? I am sorry I am not acquainted with RSS?

  3. I think this is bad for all people in politics sending revealing photos is bad for anyone unless its 2 consenting adults that aren’t married. This is just my opinion but you seem to share it.

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