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Trump’s Dog Wagging Part Two…..

As the US media row in behind (already forgetting their political system lied about WMD’s in Iraq) and the Democrats flail around helplessly (impeachment now a forgotten thing), Trump says he killed an Iranian military chief because he was planning more attacks on Americans. So, what on earth does he think is going to happen now? This from today’s New York Times:

A Guide To Trump’s Iran Crisis: ‘Wag The Dog’, The Movie

White House Emails Tied Trump To Ukraine Scandal On Eve Of Iran Strike

Purely a coincidence of course:




The Irish Times And The Iran Story

It is just after midnight in New York and five a.m. in Dublin. The Iran story broke nearly three hours ago but not a word yet on the website of Ireland’s paper of record. This used to be a newspaper.

Iranian Strike Is Trump’s ‘Wag The Dog’ Moment

Except in the Dustin Hoffman movie, the war was an invented Hollywood creation, whereas Trump’s effort to move the focus away from his impending and evidently worsening impeachment crisis by assassinating the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards could start a real war.