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The MRF File – Part One: What’s In A Name?

By James Kinchin-White and Ed Moloney I first met James Kinchin-White in early 2010 when a contact in Belfast suggested he would make a good interviewee for the film I was then helping to make in Dublin, ‘Voices From The … Continue reading

PSNI Appeal For Information On MRF Would Be Laughable If It Wasn’t So Serious

I nearly fell off my chair last night when I noticed this headline in The Guardian: Northern Ireland police appeal for information on covert British army unit. A policeman called DCI Peter Montgomery had this to say to the media: … Continue reading

Kevin McKee And The Military Reaction Force (MRF)

By Ed Moloney and James Kinchin-White CORRECTION – Tommy Tolan was shot dead by the Official IRA in 1977 during a feud between the Officials and the Provisional IRA, and not by undercover soldiers. The full section of the watchkeeper’s … Continue reading

British ‘War Diary’ Suggests Possible MRF Role In Effort To Kill Brendan Hughes While London Buries Secret Military Files For 100 Years

By Ed Moloney & Bob Mitchell It was one of the most compelling and gripping episodes to feature in the series of interviews that Brendan Hughes gave to Boston College about his life in the IRA. The story of the … Continue reading

‘What Success Did The British State Enjoy Against The IRA?’ – A British Army View

Name: Roy Campbell Student No: 1262828/1 BA in War Studies Dissertation Supervisor: Dr Peter Neumann The Troubles, which this project will study, refers to the period of violence that occurred in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1995, which saw what … Continue reading

The Colonial Roots Of British Military Operations During The Troubles

By James Kinchin-White (I have been meaning to post this for some time but other matters intervened. It is a great piece, well worth the read – EM) The effect of Britain’s colonial past is key to understanding the often … Continue reading

Meet SAS Commander Julian ‘Tony’ Ball, Robert Nairac’s Comrade-in-Arms

If Robert Nairac was involved in the Miami Showband massacre, the man who would have known more than most about his role was Julian ‘Tony’ Ball, a legendary former commander of a secret SAS unit based in Co. Armagh in … Continue reading

Martin Dillon On Ruby Davison, An IRA Traitor and One Of Scap’s Spycatcher Colleagues

By Martin Dillon When I visited Belfast last November, I made my way to Milltown Cemetery where my parents, and many of my Dillon, Clarke and Carson relatives are buried. It was a cold, early morning when I strode through … Continue reading

RUC Also Had Portable Radios When Jean McConville Was Abducted

By James Kinchin-White and Ed Moloney In his new book about the disappearing of Jean McConville, ‘Say Nothing‘, American writer and New Yorker journalist, Patrick Radden Keefe writes that a former RUC Special Branch officer told him that hand-held radios … Continue reading

How British Military Intelligence Operated During The Troubles

The description below, of how the British Army organised its intelligence operations during the Troubles which was published in the MacLean report on the killing of Billy Wright, must be regarded as a snapshot of its time, i.e. towards the … Continue reading