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‘Elephant’, One Of The Troubles Most Disturbing Movies…….

I was going to write ‘enjoy’ but perhaps that’s the worst word to use:

The Who’s Who Of The Epstein Scandal…..

Very readable and useful article in Jacobin magazine. You can read it here. No surprises but they are all there, from Clinton to Epstein’s links to powerful figures in Israeli intelligence. On George Mitchell, who appeared five times in the logs of Epstein-owned aircraft, three of them with his wife, Jacobin records that Mitchell regarded Epstein as “a friend and a supporter” who “organized a fund-raiser for me once.” Apparently they met in 1994, during Mitchell’s final year in the Senate, and a year before he was made Clinton’s special envoy to the peace process. Mitchell, who would later call Epstein “a friend and supporter” went on to oversee the Philadelphia archdiocese’s payment of compensation for survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of priests, assailed by critics at the time as a ploy to get abuse victims to sign away their right to sue. A lot still to be told in this story, assuming it is allowed to be told…….

Living In America’s Weimar Republic……

Here are two examples of the liberal/left wing view of where America can go to and could go in the next few years. This is from the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party which you can read here, and here is the vista as seen from The New York Times, a more centrist, small-l, liberal view. If either of these analyses is only partly correct we are all in trouble…..and that’s before you factor in the climate crisis, which can only worsen matters.

Who Will Join Prince Andrew In The Epstein Dock?

Last week’s judgement in a Manhattan, New York court that Price Andrew can be sued by Jeffrey Epstein sex victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, – in spite of an agreement reached by Epstein and Giuffre allegedly protecting both himself and other men who had sex with her from legal action – could have serious implications for, inter alia, top US politician, George Mitchell and celebrity lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, both of whom have been mired in the scandal.

Both Mitchell and Dershowitz have strongly denied allegations of involvement in Epstein’s sex circle but the claims have persisted, nonetheless. At this stage it is not clear whether the legal judgement depriving Prince Andrew of protection against Giuffre would be reversed if she decided to sue the pair, who unlike Andrew are US citizens.

Given remarks from Giuffre’s lawyer after the New York court case that his client would be unwilling to accept a purely financial settlement – “I think it’s very important to Virginia Giuffre that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and vindicates the other victims” – it seems unlikely that she would stop at Prince Andrew.

Interesting days ahead…….

The ‘outrage’ propaganda should be dropped: from Belfast pogroms to the Hooded Men and Miami Showband

“The ‘Outrage’ propaganda should be dropped in the Twenty-Six Counties. It can have no effect but to make certain of our people see red which will …

The ‘outrage’ propaganda should be dropped: from Belfast pogroms to the Hooded Men and Miami Showband

Liberal America’s Trump Nightmare….

Worth reading, and perhaps re-visiting after the next presidential poll…….

Guess Who Is Missing From This Article On Gerry Adams’ Latest Silliness?

The one person who should be asked for an opinion on Gerry Adams’ most recent piece of foolishness is Mary Lou McDonald who, last time I looked, was still Sinn Fein’s national leader. Yet somehow and for reasons that were neither addressed nor answered, The Irish Times reporters covering this story failed to put the question to her. Extraordinary.


Yes, But What Does Mary Lou Think…..?

Movie Time, Folks: ‘A Sense Of Loss’….

The French-German film maker Marcel Ophuls is best known for ‘The Sorrow And The Pity’, his film on French collaboration with the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. But he also made a memorable film about Northern Ireland, actually mostly Belfast, in the early years of the Troubles. ‘A Sense Of Loss’ has many defects, not least it is about an hour too long, but it captures the time very well. You can watch it here…

Guardian Drops Assange Story From Front Page….

There is a very clear message to wannabe whistleblowers from The Guardian’s coverage of the British court decision earlier today to greenlight the extradition to a US federal court of Julian Assange.

The message is this: if you have a scandal to reveal, or dirty secrets the government would rather not see aired in public, do not give the story to The Guardian, if you expect Britain’s premier liberal organ to stand by you, through thick and thin.

The court decision made the front page of The Guardian’s internet edition early in the day but by 10:30 a.m. New York time, the story had been dropped and relegated to the ’UK News’ section. As exercises in hand washing go, this was up there with the worst.

Few outlets made as much hay out of the Wikileaks revelations as The Guardian, but few distanced themselves from their source with such speed and lack of grace when the US and UK governments turned up the heat. Assange, whose mental and physical health is failing by some accounts, now faces the grisly prospect of decades of jail time – if he lives that long.

The British and US governments will no doubt be delighted with this outcome, the prison cell awaiting Assange being a terrible warning to others tempted to tell hidden truths. But if I was running the CIA, FBI, MI5 or MI6 it would be the speed and scale of the media’s desertion of Assange that would bring the broadest grin.