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Sir Maurice Oldfield, MI6 And Kincora – And How MI5 Creates ‘False Files’ To Fool The Police

These are more intriguing excerpts from Judge Tony Hart’s inquiry into Kincora which may not have received the coverage they deserved at the time of his report’s publication in 2017: Visits by officials to Kincora 603 At page 145 of … Continue reading

How MI5 Used The RUC’s Kincora Probe To Place Spies Beyond The Reach Of The Law: Its Agents Can Never Be Questioned By Police

Some eighteen months ago, in December 2019, a British court, a body called the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, ruled by a 3 to 2 majority that MI5’s policy of allowing its agents and their informants to participate in serious crime was … Continue reading

Did The RUC Special Branch Cover Up The Kincora Scandal?

By James Kinchin-White & Ed Moloney Just after three o’clock on the afternoon of May 23rd 1973, the Confidential Telephone in Belfast – number: 652155 – housed at RUC headquarters in Knock, East Belfast, rang, a switch automatically turned on … Continue reading

Valerie Shaw, Kincora Whistleblower Is Dead

I am sorry to have to report that Valerie Shaw, the former Free Presbyterian missionary and confidante of Ian Paisley, died today at the Hockley nursing home in Armagh, which is run by the Elim Pentecostal Church. She had suffered … Continue reading

Kincora And British Intelligence – Part Three – DCS George Caskey

[NOTE – Following my criticism of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry’s (HIAI) website for publishing indecipherable PDF’s of testimony, help arrived from the Iberian peninsula in the form of ‘The Catalunya Kid’ who has kindly translated all the relevant intelligence-related … Continue reading

Kincora And British Intelligence – Part Two

Apologies for taking so long to reproduce the second part of the Kincora hearings dealing with British intelligence involvement, or not, and knowledge, or not, of abuse at the notorious boys home in Belfast in the 1970’s. The reason is … Continue reading

British Intelligence (MI5 and MI6) And The Kincora Scandal – Part One

In the past few days, the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIAI) has been taking evidence about the Kincora scandal and the allegations of British intelligence involvement in it, primarily whether MI5 and/or MI6 blackmailed actors in the scandal to become … Continue reading

Coverage Of MI5 At Kincora Probe A Disgrace

Last week a senior officer at MI5, the British domestic spy agency said to be up to its armpits in Northern Ireland’s dirty war against the IRA, gave evidence to the so-called Kincora inquiry about well-sourced allegations that his agency … Continue reading

Kincora Scandal: Shocking Claims Made On British TV

If only a fraction of the claims made below by former Kincora resident Richard Kerr are true then the case for a truly independent tribunal of inquiry into the Kincora Boys Home scandal is unanswerable. And to help ensure that … Continue reading

Why MI5 Could Not Possibly Have Been Involved In Kincora – By MI5’s Hired Gun

Originally posted on cathy fox blog on child abuse:
I had wrongly assumed that Andrew Vallance would not reply to my last email. However to his credit he has. First I include part of my last email to him which…