Gaslighting The Media – A Hard Look At How & Why Mainstream Journalists Fail To Do Their Job…..

From the good folk at Media Lens. You can read it here….

7 responses to “Gaslighting The Media – A Hard Look At How & Why Mainstream Journalists Fail To Do Their Job…..

  1. John Ware’s documentary on Antisemitism on the Labour Party was fair and accurate. He was vindicated by the EHRC’s devastating report showing the extent of institutional antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn and of how the Leader’s Office persistently refused to deal properly with complaints from Jewish members.

    Open source evidence from the investigative reporting body Bellingcat prove conclusively that the aircraft which launched the sarin gas attacks on Eastern Gouta , Douma and the attack mentioned in the piece were launched from Syrian army bases and that rebel groups would not have had the capacity to launch chemical weapons attacks.

    But what else do you expect from far-left apologists for Putin, Assad and antisemitic antizionists like Media Loons?

  2. I do not believe that criticism of, for example, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and building of settlements there is antisemitic nor do those like the Jewish Labour Movement who fed into the EHRC investigation. What does, at the very least, approximate to antisemitism is the demonisation of Israel and Zionism in its essence and holding British Jews accountable for the actions of the Israeli state and the association of Jews with money and control of the media which is how antisemitism in its contemporary left-wi9ng version manifested itself in Corbyn’s :Labour Party. This type of antisemitism drew on elements of Jew hate in aspects of19th century Marxism and actual practice in the Soviet bloc including the demonisation of Zionism as racist and colonialist.

  3. Israel has a right to exist as a refuge for Jewish people alongside an independent Palestinian state. I will not accept the Livingstone Formulation whereby anyone who spoke up about antisemitism (such as conspiracy myths about Mossad being behind 9/11 or ISIS or comparisons between the Israeli state and Nazism) in Labour under Corbyn was automatically accused of bad faith and attempting to shield Israel from criticism over its treatment of Palestinian Arabs.

  4. Where are the Group Areas Act, Population Registration Act, bans on interracial marriage and bans on Arabs voting and forming political parties in Israel? The situation for Palestinian Arabs in the Occupied Territories is certainly oppressive and the growth of far right Jewish nationalism is worrying. But it does not add up to the totality of race segregation and institutional racism that was apartheid South Africa; nowhere near despite what the “Israeli apartheid” lobby, including the Corbynite left, say. Your are entitled to your opinions, Ed, but not to your facts.

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