Meet Rose Dugdale’s Brother ‘Silver Sam’…..

Better known on the alternative comedy scene in England’s West Country as “‘Silver Sam’, master of the triple entendre, (who) sings hilarious tales of thwarted libidos.”

Thanks to PM for the tip, his performances can be viewed here. Ain’t life strange…….?

She was the debutante turned IRA bomber ... who's now in the frame for an  infamous 1970s art heist | Daily Mail Online

3 responses to “Meet Rose Dugdale’s Brother ‘Silver Sam’…..


    Ed, what a sensational story about Silver Sam, the ukulele playing brother of Rose Dugdale. I was chatting to Eddie Gallagher in Donegal recently. He is looking younger every year, whereas the years haven’t been keen to Rose. But Silver Sam has made my day and it’s only just begun! Thanks. HJ

  2. It’s not everyday you get to see a chap with his pants down, playing the ukulele on the toilet in Waitrose. I’ll be shopping there more often.
    Many thanks!

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