Do The Dems Have The Spine For An All-Out Fight Over The Supreme Court?

All the evidence says they don’t and that it would be totally out of character for them to seek anything more than a dressed up surrender. I mean can you see Schumer and Pelosi leading their troops over the top? We shall see soon enough.

9 responses to “Do The Dems Have The Spine For An All-Out Fight Over The Supreme Court?

  1. Doesn’t matter — under the current setup they could nominate Vlad Putin (that could happen) and the Trumpers would get him in. The real question is are there any Republican senators with the moral courage to delay a vote until January? I’d bet damn few!

  2. The spine?? It’s do they have the votes & they do not. But they can’t hide behind the battle cry “It’s RBG’s death bed wish”….wish is a folly In 2016 she was adamant in her support for a SCOTUS confirmation in an election year. She stated “there is nothing in the constitution that says president stops being the president in their last year”. The Dems can blame the mess they find themselves in on Harry Reid who blew up the filibuster. Republicans are not even required to have confirmation hearings, they can move straight to a vote.

  3. I notice you didn’t refute what I said but not surprised that you have been reduced to answers like this. Good one Ed..

  4. Yes, you’re showing that. Fact is this is typical response from the left, their playbook. Can’t refute or provide anything of worth, insult. Left has completely & utterly lost ability to discuss anything.

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