Why Trump Really Killed The Iran Deal……

Because it was Obama’s treaty. Much of what he has done since he ascended into the White House has been motivated by a hatred of Obama and a raging anger at the devastating pisstaking Obama directed at him at this White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

4 responses to “Why Trump Really Killed The Iran Deal……

  1. It’s not a “treaty.” It wasn’t ratified by the Senate. It’s an unratified international “plan” authored and brought home by a single branch of government, making it comically easy to kill. Obama was an arrogant dolt.

  2. Dear God…it wasn’t a treaty. This is complete and utter shite but it’s what we have come to expect from this site. Trump derangement has driven some to such high fantasies it’s comical. The outrage over the cancellation of the treaty has everything to do with their hatred of Israel. You should fire your researcher..oops..never mind.

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